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A Composite Graphic of the Cedar Point Capital Partners appWe founded Cedar Point Capital Partners to focus on building deep personal relationships with our financial planning and wealth management clients, but we know the relationship with your smartphone is pretty important, too.

For many of us, our smartphone is our de facto personal assistant, holding everything from our credit cards to our calendar. But even with banking and budgeting apps, but it can be hard to visualize your full financial picture at a glance.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Cedar Point Capital Partners mobile app and client portal, which have been designed to bring all of your accounts together in one simple, secure interface.

A Google Play badge linked to the new Cedar Point Capital Partners mobile app
An Apple App Store badge for the Cedar Point Capital Partners mobile app

What Can the Cedar Point Capital Partners App Do?

mobile dashboard.pngCut the clutter. Our platform is built around a bright, easy-to-navigate dashboard that brings all of your most important metrics into one convenient place.

You can also see broad and detailed asset allocation information, holdings, transactions and more, all without leaving the main screen.

Simplify your finances. There are plenty of apps that can track and report on your investment portfolio. What sets ours apart is its ability to import outside financial and insurance accounts, along with harder-to-track investments like real estate, cars and antiques.

The end result is a comprehensive performance report on all your assets and liabilities, and more clarity on your (complex) financial picture.

Protect your documents. Our Document Vault provides secure cloud storage not just for our invoices and quarterly statements, but any file you care to upload in a secure place. Use our digital locker to store your most important documents and files, from tax documents to wills, all protected by rigorous security standards and dual-factor authentication.

How Do I Access It?

You can log into the Cedar Point Capital Partners client portal by clicking the “Client Login” link at the very top right of any of our webpages. You can also log in through the mobile app after downloading it from the Apple or Google app stores. If you’re looking for it there, just search “Cedar Point Capital Partners."

All clients should have received an email to activate their unique portal, and are required to activate dual-factor authentication on their accounts. We also strongly encourage adding your mobile phone number to allow for a PIN number to be sent to you via text message.

If you have any questions or issues with your login, just reach out to us.

Cedar Point Capital Partners Portal Screens in Detail

Home/Dashboard: See high-level information on the accounts that make up your financial life through a variety of interactive tiles and graphs. You can explore individual accounts or form groups of accounts to view at once under the “Find Data For” pulldown.

A screenshot of the Cedar Point Capital Partners' financial dashboard

Accounts: Add outside accounts, and view your assets, liabilities and net worth at a glance on this screen.

A detail of the Cedar Point Capital Partners Account screen

Reports: Generate a variety of Performance, Holdings, and Transaction reports on your portfolio with a click of the mouse.

A screenshot of the Asset Allocation report in the Cedar Point Capital Partners app

Documents: Find all of your invoices and statements from Cedar Point Capital Partners for maximum transparency, and upload your most important personal documents securely to the cloud.

The Document Vault feature of the Cedar Point Capital Partners app

One More App Benefit

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one other important benefit of our client portal and mobile app that doesn’t always resonate with clients until they encounter it themselves.

Because we built-out this portal and the app, we are able to maintain portfolio information and performance data, no matter where your accounts are held. Why does this matter? If you’ve ever switched banks/credit unions, you know that your account details, transaction history, and balance information is typically lost in the transition.

Unfortunately, the same is often true if you switch investment custodians. If you want to build a long-term record of your performance, you’ll need a partner with a back-up plan. The Cedar Point Capital Partners mobile app and client portal can help accomplish this.

We like to think that the human relationship you develop with your financial adviser is the most important part of your decision to stay with your current firm or find a new wealth management firm, but we also know technology is a key piece of your decision.

If you're ready to consolidate and simplify your financial world with one intuitive app while keeping track of your data for the long-term, we're ready to help. Download the Cedar Point Capital Partners app for iPhone or Android, or give us a call today.

**Cedar Point Capital Partners Client Portal & Mobile Application images for illustration purposes only.**

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