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Our Approach

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Build and protect your portfolio with data-backed rigor.

Forget the meme stocks, YOLO investing and big shorts—here at Cedar Point Capital Partners, we’re focused on building validated investment and planning strategies that put you first and stand the test of time.

Let's grow it together.

The Four Cornerstones

Our Fiduciary Approach

Fiduciary advice that puts your interests first

We don't just say we're acting in your best financial interests—when you partner with us for financial planning and wealth management, you're partnering with a fiduciary that puts you first.

  • Trustworthy Insights
  • Independent Advice
  • SEC Registered & Regulated

Fee-only financial planning that works for you

By eliminating commissions and other conflicts of interest, we simplify your costs and put the focus on what really matters—your future. Pay one transparent fee and get customized advice you can trust.

  • Full Cost Transparency
  • Client First Advice
  • Fit to Your Budget

Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) strategies built on data

We’re not interested in chasing the next big thing or timing market cycles—we rely on research-backed planning strategies to allocate, manage and grow your portfolio.

  • Diversification Focused
  • Disciplined & Data-Backed
  • Cost-Conscious

Partnerships focused on your life success

Your capital is more than simply money—it's your experience, your skills and your relationships. We aspire to become a trusted friend who understands the bigger picture and where you want to go.

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What We Stand For

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide fiduciary, fee-only wealth management services that build long-term relationships and put our clients first.

Our Vision

To create sustainable wealth that empowers human, social, and financial capital.